Friday, 28 March 2014

The Word of the Week - Death


I honour the memories of my loved ones by always remembering their light.

The one thing that we can be very certain of in our life on this plane is that the body, which houses the spirit, does indeed die.  Those that are left behind, mourn the loss of the light of the person’s soul whom they will not be able to see in the physical form.  This sorrow that one feels comes from the heart centre because we will inevitably miss the energy of their physical existence and at the time, it can seem heart breaking, but experience has taught us that this loss, this pain, does ease with time.   We keep that person alive by remembering the light of their soul and cling to the good that we saw in them, thus we honour their memories in this way.

When you come to understand that death is just a transition and the soul never dies you create an acceptance that mitigates any fears or anguish associated with this natural part of life and it provides comfort to know that one has merely passed on.  The mind finds it hard to reconcile when death comes to a loved one unexpectedly, or when one’s life is taken due to the actions of another, the loss and pain in these circumstances can seem unbearable to those that are left behind.
The more you learn to embrace the fullness of life you come to realise that there is always a purpose and a reason for everything that happens, no matter the circumstances.  However, death comes as a reminder for our own mortality, giving us time to pause and consider aspects of our own lives, questioning are we living or merely existing.  Death is a reminder to live with an open heart, to forgive all transgressions and to love each day as if it were your last.

In the last two weeks, I have experienced two such deaths in my family and I feel the depth of sorrow amongst my family members who are closely affected by the loss.  Today I honour my family members who have passed on, who are now at peace and whose souls are at rest.
I am glad that I am reminded to tell those whom I am close to that I love and thank them for being in my life.    I am reminded to make each day count and our time here is but brief.

Just for today, I humbly ask that you to take a moment and send a thought of love to someone you know that has passed on.  For love is our essential nature, our true essence and it never dies, it continually transforms and shines its beacon of light guiding us always through the dark.


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