Friday, 21 March 2014

The Word of the Week - Embrace your Authentic self

I allow my Authentic self to shine without reservation
As I KNOW that I am being guided.

Who is your Authentic self and how do you allow them to shine? When I first came across the phrase “The Authentic Self” I was intrigued to know who she was and set about the task to find out as much as I could about her.  To do this, I had to let go of absolutely everything I thought I knew about myself as well as what others would tell me what they thought about my personality.  I had to create a blank sheet but to do this I had to acknowledge that what I thought I knew I did not and that I was willing to be guided by my inner self as to how to act and to think.  To be in such a state of submission I told myself that my insanity of trying to do the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result was not working.  I had to humble myself, admitting that I did not know what to do and was willing to let my inner guide lead.  Usually your inner guide would show up when you have exhausted all possibilities and you are now ready to receive the guidance given.  Most of the time through habit we reject this guidance, the prick of consciousness that tells us quietly, “don’t do that, don’t say that, do this.” The ego then steps in, puffs itself up with an illusion of being the boss and we acquiesce, JUSTIFYING our reasons for a particular cause of action.  Note the emphasis here, for when you have to justify a cause for your behaviour or an action you need to ask yourself the question “who are you really trying to convince?”

When you relinquish just a little bit of the control that you have over absolutely everything, you actually realise that in your surrender you become totally in control because you have chosen a new thought, created a  new action and thus have a new reality.  Your authentic self is fearless, they are confident, they are knowing, they are loving, they make no judgements, they are forgiving and they trust in the power of their source.  When you begin to allow your authentic self to come through you begin to learn how to receive those qualities into your physical self.  Ultimate mastery is when you have imbibed all of those qualities all of the time.

Just for today, allow yourself to trust that inner knowing voice on one action.  If you are in a dilemma to do, to say or to react to a thing, just pause for a moment and say, “I allow my authentic self to guide me in this situation.” Take a deep cleansing breath and wait for a response.  The thought that comes is very quick, short and succinct, it does not justify or placate you to follow a cause of action; it just is.  It is because we are so used to the dialogue with the ego that we have learned not to trust this guidance. 
Take a leap of faith on YOU today and start to receive the VOICE.

Have a powerful weekend.


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