Friday, 25 October 2013

The Word of the Week - Lift your vibration

I have often written about the power of the words that we use to describe ourselves, our situations and the people with whom we interact or speak about.  Each word you say or think has an energy vibration that can either expand your awareness or limit it.  When it is limited, you reduce the potential that you have for tapping into the great and infinite field of the prime source (light) energy that is governed by the law of attraction.  The law of the Conservation of Energy states, “Energy cannot be naturally created or destroyed, it can however change in form.”  When you recognise that you are part of the great oneness of all, this includes the sun, moon, stars, the planet and all beings, you remove the limitations that you are separate from this energy and thus learn to tap into it to your advantage.

Each word you say carries a vibration, positive words when viewed as a picture through sound waves have higher spikes and wider energy; negative words have the opposite, in that the energy is restricted.  I know this all sounds extremely scientific but our bodies which house the spirit within is comprised of matter that created this planet and solar system; we are all one. 

Mindfulness means that you are mindful as to what you think and what you say. When you speak words that carry a natural higher vibration, you not only increase your own vibration but of those that are around you and those much further afield.  When you also acknowledge how powerful the mind is you learn to respect it by trying to keep it in a high vibratory mode.  I had the opportunity this week to be an astute observer of the words that I used in my interactions.  I found that I could think positive words but sometimes this did not translate correctly into sound and I had to catch myself many times from complaining.  I also observed that I found it painful to hear negativity from anyone that I conversed with, even to the point that if one were even to complain about the state of the world or finances I would actually cringe.  I recognised that I fell short in my translation of speaking high vibration words and vowed to do better each day.

We are part of an amazing planet and solar system.  Our minds are conduits to tap into the field of infinite possibilities if we make a conscious decision to choose who will rule your mind.  Will it be the voice of power, which is limitless and expansive, or will it be the voice of the ego, fearful and restrictive.

Just for today, be an observer of what you say, be mindful of the vibrational energy that you attract and give to others.  Be responsible for the energy that you emit into the ether.  We may not have the power to create or destroy this energy, but we certainly have the power to change its form.


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