Friday, 11 October 2013

The Word of the Week - Loving what is!

“There is great strength in loving what is”
Jon Mundy PH.D excerpted from Living a Course in Miracles

When I heard this quote this week, it resonated deeply within.  I repeated the phrase to commit it to memory so that I could add it to my trusted tool kit, not realising that I would be pulling it out repeatedly this week and reminding myself of what it means.  My understanding of this quote is about learning to accept whatever is going on in your life in the very moment it is happening, without the need for judgement, angst or victimhood.  It is about accepting people, situations, circumstances and woes with grace.  It is a reminder to catch yourself from complaining about your life and learn to be in the moment no matter what it brings.

So how do you actually LOVE what is?  That one was tricky, how could I love that I was feeling extremely moody and short with my children one morning, or how could I love that my car needed repairs that I could not afford and would cause me dire financial hardship.  “How am I to love what is?” I thought to myself.  I repeated the phase again, aloud this time, “There is great strength in loving what is.”  I realised, in that moment, that I had to accept and submit to the mood that I was in and not take on the associated guilt I felt for being quick tempered.  I also used a favoured Hawaiian process called Ho’oponopono, which asks you to recite four sentences to yourself “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you and thank you.”  This allowed me the space to let go of my feelings of guilt.  I also repeated the Hawaiian phrase out loud to my children, who looked upon me as if I was mad initially and then realising that I was sincere, they replied, “It’s alright mum.”

To love a moment in your life is to love yourself, it also means to be kind and forgiving to you, for as you give unto yourself you give to others.  Many people find it difficult to say the words I love you to themselves, but find it easy to say it to others fervently.  It took me a while to be comfortable with telling myself this but I say it repeatedly throughout the day now and mean it!  I realised in order for me to love what is, I had to love me without reservation.  In doing so, I accepted full responsibility for my circumstances, for my actions and for whatever situation that I had attracted.  This gave me great strength, because I was no longer a victim to circumstance because I ultimately had the power to choose how I was going to view it.

Just for today, make a concerted effort, in this very moment,  to find strength in loving what is.


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