Friday, 12 April 2013

The Word of the Week - Living Your Purpose

There has never been a more receptive time than now, to throw off the shackles of your mind and step into your divine power of living your life’s purpose.  An overwhelming cry has emanated throughout our planet from those souls who desire much more than what they are currently receiving in their lives.  This call is demonstrated by the influx of material regarding manifestation, inner guidance, living a more healthful life and bringing back the healing power of love into our vocabulary that enriches our daily existence.

If you are viewing your life from a perspective that ALL things are possible, that miracles can and do occur every day and most importantly, your dreams and desires are manifesting into reality, then you have chosen to SEE the world differently.  If however the world you view is uncaring, unsupportive, loveless and full of unsolvable problems then you are viewing the world whose basis is an illusion.

Every day you have a choice of vision, every minute of the day your mind gives you the opportunity to choose between these two outlooks of the world.  Out of habit, most of us choose the latter rather than the former because we really cannot comprehend how one can live a life full of love and purpose when the world shows us an entirely different picture.

Today, you CAN make the choice to see from the perspective of love, in A Course in Miracles there is an affirmation that helps stimulate your inner guidance system to help align your thoughts with the ability to co-create with the Universe:

I am willing to see things differently.”

So just for today, in all of your encounters that give rise to negativity or an unloving thought or reaction, repeat the above affirmation over and over again in your mind.  You will be surprised to learn that in doing this it begins the process of opening a wonderful channel of communication between you and your Higher Self.

Have an inspiring weekend.  

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