Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Word of the Week - You ARE Great!

In a world that demands our attention all of the time.  With access to the internet and information at a touch of a button using the many wonderful gadgets this world continues to bombard us with.  The need to express what you are doing at every given moment via social networking for reasons only known to yourself; it seems as if our attention is always somewhere else, always doing and never just quietly encapsulating the art of just being.

The theme of all my writings is to steer people in the direction of knowing themselves; into realising that we have an untapped source of pure potential that is being supressed by distraction!  The more you are able to truly look at yourself and your behaviours you may find things that you like or dislike, however it creates a dialogue for change.  What is it that we truly fear by being ourselves, by actually knowing who you really are?  Why do we just accept what is and find it hard or near impossible to believe how great and loving the human family can be?

We can find thousands of excuses justifying our reasons “not to,” in fact, it is usually the first point of dialogue with any type of aspiration, and then we couple the “not” with an overwhelming “I can’t!” Thus your perpetual cycle of inactivity continues and you wonder why any change is not sustainable.

You are a beautiful, precious and valuable commodity in this world.  Why, because the human family has shown throughout history that we have the power and will to overcome many obstacles and the potential to move mountains.

Just for today, realise how powerful you truly are and be courageous by knowing that your latent omnipotence only needs to be awakened by knowing thyself!
Inscribed on the ancient Temple of Luxor in Egypt are the words:

“Man, know thyself……and thou shall know the gods.”

Have a blessed weekend.

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