Friday, 2 November 2012

Word of the Week - Responsibility

"You and only YOU are responsible for attracting people and situations into your life!"

As painful as this statement may seem too many, the fact remains that it is a truth.  Sometimes things that could be construed as negative occur in our lives to teach us something about ourselves, as a wakeup call to make a correction to our thinking or to our reactions to them.  Often times, out of any negative situation there is always a blessing of some sort hidden in the experience, which is always eventually revealed.

Now I can imagine that the above statement can be challenged in many ways in respect of the personal experiences people have had in their lives, which they would emphatically state that they did not attract such a negative experience into their existence.  However, when you research what that statement means and actually peel away the emotional beliefs and programming's that have helped to shape and mould you, you WILL find the truth in that statement.  Ultimately, you have to take responsibility for the "world" you have created.  Moreover, if you are unhappy with your world, you also have the power and the creativity to change it by going straight to the root cause and that is your thoughts.

As an example, you have asked a friend to do something for you, which they said they would, however, at the last moment your friend lets you down and forgets to do it.  You now have a myriad of emotions, annoyance that they have not done it, irritation at their obvious lack of caring for you and your feelings or even rejection that you feel they do not regard you highly enough to bother with your request.  The first observation is that all of these thoughts and accompanied feelings have occurred in your head.  Secondly, you have also created the emotive feelings that have ultimately disturbed your peace and joy.  Why, because they did not conform to the standards and ideals that you have created in your world where you dictate how people are to react and to respond to you.  Further, you have created this upset without even speaking to the person yet.

To take responsibility means it is imperative for you to explore your thought processes and recognise that YOU create the emotions. Once you recognise this fact, you can either choose to continue to be upset, thus destroying your serenity or you could see it as a teaching exercise and not take everything so personally; more importantly it gives you the opportunity to change a learned knee jerk reaction, to another thought process, which does not disturb your peace.

So this weekend, be a watcher of your thoughts and remember that you always have the power to make another choice!

Peace and blessings. 

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