Friday, 16 November 2012

The Word of the Week - A Healthy Dose of Self-Love

Oftentimes, when you embark upon any sort of personal development, you become your own worst enemy. We can be very hard on ourselves when we unconsciously revert back to our old ways of dealing with challenging situations that arise. We berate ourselves for our negative responses, which in turn fuel the ego’s remonstrations of our “perceived failure.”

When I feel myself heading towards this train of thought, I literally start to mother myself, as if I were a small child with a scraped knee, seeking comfort from my own mother, who would embrace me lovingly  and gently soothe my tears away.  Therefore, I would  give myself words of encouragement every time I exhibited  behaviours that caused the current imbalance.

So just for today, I thought it would be lovely to send an encouragement your way, to help inspire you not to give up on your journey to enlightenment.

“You are a beautiful, kind, caring and considerate soul
 who has the purpose of being a light to yourself and others,
as you negotiate through life’s trials and tribulations. 
It’s okay to fall down sometimes
because that only adds to the beauty of the growth with which you are aspiring to. 
All the lessons that you are learning,
both the highs and the lows,
are indeed a BLESSING from the Universe to help you on your way. 
Be kind to yourself in your self-talk,
know that you are a perfect creation of life
and that you desire only to unite and harmonise with the world around you.
Your presence in this world is unique,
in that even though there is an invisible bond that connects each and every one of us together,
your own individual light is necessary to this world. 
You are loved and lovable. 
So shine as bright as the star you intend to be.
Know that when you fall down, you can and definitely do get up,
because that is how powerful love is
and you my friend ARE LOVE.”

As always, wishing you peace and love on this wondrous journey.

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