Friday, 30 November 2012

Word of the Week - Reinvent yourself Everyday

The recurring theme that I try to impart in my weekly missives is that you ultimately hold the power and the control in determining the quality of life you desire.  Additionally,  you must own every single thought and its subsequent emotional feeling as deriving from inside of you and not based upon outside events, people or situations that flow into your life.  With this great creative power that you hold within you, did you realise that you can reinvent yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY?

This famous quote, whose earliest recording dates back as far as 1225,  “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that is why it is called the present,” gives me the impetus to actually put a full stop in my events from the day before.  Even though I have not yet perfected the art, as I am a continual work in progress, I start each day as brand new and fresh!  I try not to hold on to any negativity that occurred the day before, be it a conflict with someone, or a situation that I disliked, and  do everything that I can to leave it where it is and that is in the past!

Before, if I had an argument with my ex-husband or more recently my surly teenagers, I would fester that argument into the next day by holding onto the tense emotions within myself and prepare to go again for round two the following day!  Now this became a habitual behaviour that I recognised I no longer wanted in my life and set about to change my mind set by understanding the above quote.
I realised that I used more of my precious energy by holding onto negativity and decided that I preferred to enjoy every day rather than to start a new one  holding onto to thoughts or situations from the past.

Now, each morning I set an intention that I carry nothing negative forward from the day before and that I start each day as a wonderful adventure, that allows me to  discover fantastic elements about myself with which I can work upon. 
This is how truly powerful you are; so be open to the wondrous creation of life and learn to re-invent the fabulousness of you, because you are an exceptional work of art that need not  waste another second upon your yesterdays.

Have an inspiring weekend!

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