Friday, 14 February 2014

The Word of the Week - Tell yourself the truth

I am open to becoming more honest with my self-talk.
As it leads me to an expression of my authentic self.

When I need to gain clarity on a situation and my self- talk is entrenched in a tennis match between my ego and me, I turn to my main tool of journaling as a way of filtering through the ego’s fears and revealing the truth in a matter.  We can often hide behind our voice of reason by denying the truth it wants to reveal and even go as far as justifying a particular type of behaviour based upon the belief that it “feels good” right now.  The ego is slick and even wilier when it knows you are on a spiritual journey to eradicate it.  The ego will literally tell you that you are indeed following your path of joy and happiness in a pursuit that you know deep down inside is not good for you.

For example, it took me a long while to realise that in my personal relationships I used to settle for less than what I truly deserved, I could justify my reasons for dating someone because I would rather date than be alone.  Alternatively, I could pretend that true intimacy with someone was less important than satisfying a base carnal need.  In my denial, that little voice would always pipe up in my head and say, “Is this, really what you want to feel?”  I would not be honest with myself at times like this and I would lie by saying yes.  The voice would then recede and not say another word; I would remain in my denial until I opened my journal and let the words just flow through my pen.

In those moments of solitude, my journal was and is my very best friend.  She does not mince words with me but her honesty is always loving, non-judgemental and very frank.  This forum teaches me how to love myself more, to be kinder with words that describe myself and gain clarity into what my soul yearns to experience.  Don’t get me wrong, I vent in my journal too, when I am spitting nails, or feeling hurt or have behaved in a very unskilful way, I pour it all into the same book with the same brutal honesty as a way of blessed release.

So just for today, take time to have a talk with your Higher Self, he/she just loves to dialogue with you and is more than willing to show you how deeply the love for yourself can go.

Even though I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day, I do believe that being in love with yourself EVERYDAY irrespective if you are in a partnership, is the greatest gift that you can bestow.


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