Friday, 7 February 2014

The Word of the Week - Find the time


I lovingly attend to my needs by taking time today to do what I enjoy

Today I am reminded to ensure that my acts of self-care remain a priority in my life and hope to shine a light on the importance of taking care of your own needs.  Self-care is holistic in its approach; it encompasses your physical, your mental and your spiritual needs being brought to the forefront of your daily existence.  All too often, the thought of taking care of yourself is often pushed to the bottom of the list when your roles include taking care of your family and  prioritising your work and career advancement.  Some find it easier than others to create the down time necessary for themselves; some may find they do this regularly or very infrequently.  The care of yourself and I mean your big SELF here, is your main priority because there are far reaching benefits that affect those closest to you.  You are much happier, you are less resentful, you go with the flow rather than against it and it assists in maintaining equilibrium when the calm waters of life become too choppy.

So what do you enjoy?  What makes you smile or laugh out loud?  What relaxes you or calms you down? What makes you feel special? What can YOU do for your-Self that shows that you care about YOU? You would be surprised at how those questions in of themselves promote a dialogue that results in the reader asking themselves first, “What do I like doing?” as ironically we do not take the time to actually know what makes us happy.

Today, I would like you to consider a self-caring act you can do for yourself that would make you happy.  The proviso on this task is that it cannot be something that you buy, whether you can afford it or not;  it must be something that does not require another person to be, do or act in any particular way and it promotes a feeling of well-being in that moment.
There is some truth in me saying that a shopping spree would make me extremely happy, going on a fabulous vacation to another country, or finding the man of my dreams who is not a Hollywood actor as catalysts to feel joy in my life.  Yes, the experience of those things would give me some degree of happiness but I must first learn to practice a sense of joy that is not incumbent upon anything outside of myself.  I must learn to find my own joy from within, because things and people can often go or are taken away, which means that when it is gone, so too goes my joy.

Just for today, find one thing that you can do for yourself that brings you a sense of peace and joy. 
For it is the simplest things that yield the most pleasures, if we were to but notice that the love for ourselves opens the door to bliss.

Have a loving weekend.


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