Friday, 6 September 2013

The Word of the Week - Seeing the Divine in Everyone

As you know, the purpose of my weekly missive is to inspire you to see the greatness in who you are; to recognise that you are a limitless and powerful being whose unique gifts are to serve your highest good.  I tend to close my writings with the salutation “Nameste” and as I mulled over what I was going to write this week, this phrase kept repeating itself in my head and thus I am sharing with you.

Nameste is Hindu in origin and it is a greeting where one places their hands together over their heart chakra or their forehead (which signifies a deeper reverence) and bows.  It simply means that the greeter is bowing to the divine essence in that person.

When I say Nameste the definition that I say immediately afterwards is, “The God/Goddess within me bows to the God/Goddess within you.”  I actually say this silently in my head when I greet people now because it works as an excellent reminder that we are all one.  It helps me to lose my judgements on other people who may not see the world as I do; it reminds me that even in the face of hostility, there is still the divine essence that flows through me flows through them.  I can safely say that this is indeed an ideal that I hope to master one day! Since in reality, I still succumb to the knee jerk reaction of cursing someone out whilst driving in my car or indeed cussing someone in my head when they are acting up in front of me (smile).   However, I often repeat the phrase and the meaning in my head to defuse such reactions in the moment it occurs.  This is because I know that I am trying to work on myself daily to become a better person and to co-exist with all.   Further, I recognise that my accomplishments are also attainable by the very same soul that stands before me.   The only difference is that they have not yet come to that understanding.

When you appreciate that your loved ones, your friends, your work colleagues and every soul that exists, is a reflection of your own self, you begin to adopt a reverence that goes deeper than the surface and you acknowledge the interconnectedness of all things.   
We all have challenging relationships, especially with those with whom we love or once loved, but when you react to an attack situation based upon another person’s fear based projection, you further  increase that fear by defending yourself.  This does not mean that you dissolve your personal boundaries; all it means is that you try as much as you can to take the higher road in all your confrontations, which in turn minimises your own defence mechanisms.

So just for today, silently recognise the divine in all of your encounters.  Not only does it allow you to appreciate those of whom you love dearly, it also helps you to embrace those whom you do not.


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