Friday, 20 September 2013

The Word of the Week - Resistance

There is a phrase that I hear more frequently in my research into a deeper understanding of my authentic self and that is “what you resist, persists!”   I tried to ascertain any truth in these words by looking at my own experiences and seeing where in my life was my resistance.  Further, I began to question why is it that resistance rears its head in respect to any personal change that one wishes to make.  I had no idea where this train of thought would lead but was pleasantly surprised at the results.

I researched “resistance” and one of the definitions, which intrigued me, was that of electricity.  It stated that resistance occurs because the electrons (i.e. electrical current) flows through a conductor (e.g. a wire) which then collide with the ions  in the conductor and depending upon the size of the conductor determines the level of resistance. Therefore, if the conductor is a thin wire i.e. lacking in space, its resistance is high, however if you use a thicker wire i.e. one that has more space the result is lower resistance.

I surmised that the electrical current within each of us is our “God” energy and our bodies are the conductors with which the energy flows.  This energy then encounters resistance dependent upon how open the thought processes of the conductor.  If you bombard your mind with limiting beliefs about yourself and your ability, you lack space, and the God energy encounters high resistance from the egoic self.  However, when you open yourself to love and this love incorporates forgiveness, the space becomes very wide and results in low resistance.
I wanted to know where I was on the scale of resistance in my life and how did I impede the flow of energy through me.  To do this I had to ask the simple question, where was I lacking in love?

The more I learn to affirm a deep reverence for who I truly am, the more I am open to flow with life rather than against it.  A recent weekend communing with my dear friends revealed to me such an area in my life whereby I was resistant to this universal flow of energy.

Therefore, my question to you with which you can ponder over this weekend, where in your life do you feel that you are resistant to this universal flow?

If you do find such an area as I recently found, make it a point to be extra loving and kind to yourself, because as you increase the love, the resistance falls and the energy of life increases.

Have a loving weekend.


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