Friday, 19 October 2012

The Word of the Week - Focus

I have been on this "journey to self" for quite a few years now and can finally say what tools work for me in ensuring that I reach my goal of self-mastery.  However, as with all things, it was not without a few hurdles to jump over to get to this point.  What amuses me though, is the very same tools that at first I felt did not work for me, are the same tools that work spectacularly for me now!
To explain, here is a list of tried and tested tools that DO work in the order given:
  • ·         Gratitude
  • ·         Affirmations
  • ·         Changing your language
  • ·         Belief in the spiritual laws
  • ·         Visualisation
  • ·         Trusting your higher self ALWAYS

Now I have experienced failure with all of these processes on my journey.  I mentioned before that my gratitude was not heartfelt, so it did not work.  I would say affirmations but not believe one word of them when the world happening around me was in direct contrast to that which I affirmed.  I would revert to negative self-talk thus my language would always go back to the same negativity I always told myself.   I had an understanding of the spiritual laws e.g. Laws of Cause and effect  or Law of Attraction, but my mind set would  shout quite loudly that these laws do not work for me, for others maybe, but not me!  Any visualisation I had was dismissed as “my pretend view of the world” which I believed would not happen. Finally, in trusting my higher self, my ego would argue with it to emphatically state that everything it was telling me was wrong because “look at my life!”

I do have to smile and be thankful for every situation, because it brought me to this very moment, so that I could share with you THEY ALL WORK but it does take practice.  Remember, you are now stepping into the process of relearning all that you have been taught and the beliefs you hold about yourself, which means you have to add patience and kindness to your repertoire during this wonderful transition.

So let’s start small, this particular affirmation or what is known as “Conscious Auto-suggestion” was developed by the French psychotherapist Emilè Couè in 1922, he wrote a paper noting that imagination is four times greater than the will, thus this affirmation stated 20 times within one and a half hours of rising and just before you go to sleep was proven to help cure medical ailments in his subjects and shift the beliefs from “I can’t to I can!”

                                  “Every day, and in every way, I am getting better and better.”

I guarantee that this little step practiced everyday miraculously shifts your sub-conscious that literally stops you from throwing in the towel every time you hit a bump in the road.

Have a fabulous weekend. 

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