Friday, 16 September 2016

Open your Heart

I open my SELF to embrace the power of love and allow my heart to guide my steps.

Do you have barriers surrounding your heart that were constructed through past hurts?  Are you afraid to open your heart and truly love all that is?
This morning as I pulled the above card, I smiled at the synchronicity that it held for me. For earlier this week, a wonderful dear brother of mine was buried, but the legacy he left was a beautiful reconnection of souls that were bound by a deep-seated pure love that was born of childhood innocence.

When we remove the stories that we tell ourselves, of a past that was viewed with pain, you allow the presence of something new to enter your life, something that makes you vulnerable, yet strong, and that is the power of love.  We can carry the pain or trauma of our past around with us to such a degree that it creates a veil over our eyes, restricting our view of what once was, and bringing that skewed perspective into what is now. 

In order to remove this veil, you have to be willing to view your story from a higher perspective; one which encompasses love, compassion and forgiveness.  When we open our hearts and feel the vulnerability that it brings, it can feel quite disconcerting to relinquish the tight grip of control that has become habitual in our lives.  Yet, there is so much freedom in doing this because you let go of the constant pulling of your mind and move into the realm of your heart, and it is here where the magic happens because you create space by silencing your thoughts that keep you in a loop of fear.

The image in this card emotes a feeling of surrender to me and if you study it even further you may pick up so much more.

Just for today, step out of your story, out of your comfort zone and allow the light of love to course through you.  Surrender to this powerful moment of now and let love be the impetus to guide your steps.

Have a beautiful day.